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Home > GOLD PHOENIX > Group Introduction

Shenzhen Gold Phoenix Furniture Group Co., Ltd is founded in 1990s. It has become a huge multinational enterprise who is specialized in producing top-grade hotel furniture and luxury villa furniture.

Group Size
Jiangsu Gold Phoenix covers an area of 1650 Chinese acres, which is the biggest hotel furniture manufacturing base in Asia. ABP base headquarters covers an area of 150 Chinese acres in Shenzhen. Hotel furniture industrial park covers an area of 250,000 Square Meters in Shenzhen.
It has a staff of more than 7000 workers at home and abroad.
It’s a multinational enterprise which has 16 brands.
It has built a massive sales network all over the world, of which more than 200 hotel furniture dealers and more than 300 villa furniture brand franchise stores.

Production Capacity
The annual production capacity is up to 1 billion Yuan in RMB, of which the sales value of hotel furniture is more than 600 million Yuan.

Design Core
  In cooperation with foreign design masters, our group president and chief designer Wang Jinfeng has built a furniture design and research institute and established offices in Italy. At this moment, the institute has more than 30 professional designers, eight of them are foreigners. Moreover, Gold Phoenix has also set up CHF hotel furniture project design center, special furniture (such as aircraft furniture and cruise furniture) design center and modern villa luxury housing (furniture and household ornament) project design center.

Enterprise Culture
“Regard every piece of furniture as your relatives” in every procedure, each worker must take good care of each piece of furniture.
“Be honest to ourself, Be honest to our customers” Througn honest operation, we strive to build a factory over hundred of years.

   Gold Phoenix Furniture Group has internally established a highly strict quality inspection system, carried on sound management, stressed concise administration and focused on management quality. The group took a lead in passing through ISO 9001 international quality system certification (2008 edition), ISO 14001 environment-friendly product certification, CQC quality environment-friendly product certification and Chinese environment mark product certification. With strict quality management system, it has established modern management model of people first. With the purpose of “design innovation, top quality” the group has provided furniture for hundreds of star hotels and household villa at home and abroad and won great praise.

Our group has carried out “Five Saving Campaign” “Five Working Guiding Principles”  “Eight Innovation” to improve management efficiency. From production department to sales department, from adminstration to finance, from internal managemnet to external image, each department would update their management philosophy to enhance our company’s benefit.

   Our strategic goal is about“ high and big”. The goal “High” is designed  for  Shenzhen Gold Phoenix headquarters, it will be built into world’s top brand, and occupy a percentage of  the global top furniture market. The goal “big” is designed for Jiangsu Gold Phoenix, it will be built into high-end brand of China, occupy senior furniture market at home and abroad.

From 1984 to 1994, our company has specialized in building interior design and environment art design, it has more than 10 years experience in hotel design and decoration. In 1995, our president Wang Jinfeng with his design team gave up fit-up industry and got into hotel furniture design and manufacturing industry. Since then, we have had more than 10 years’ experience in high-end hotel furniture design and production. Therefore, we are more professional in hotel furniture industry. Gold Phoenix has  cooperated with such world-wild  famous hotel management  companies as  IHG, Shangri-La, Hilton, Starwood, Marriot, Kempinsky, Carlons, Hyatt,etc. Our company has succeeded in producing furniture for nearly 200 5-star hotels and resorts at home and abroad and won good comments.

Creating furniture style for middle-aged group of the world
Our group has already designed and developed four furniture brands for successful middle-aged people of the world, which is widely recognized by the industry and market. Modern classical style furniture adheres to and promoted traditional artistic style, focus more on mining and updating product culture deposits and artistic taste. It designed beautiful shapes, at the same time have humanized, pragmatic and convenient functions. It embodies and represents fashion and development trend of neoclassical furniture style.

Filled in the furniture style blank between modern furniture and neoclassical furniture in 300 years
Gold Phoenix Furniture Group not only focus on neoclassic style furniture design and development, but also deeply mine and segment the market, has developed special furniture for the mid-aged success, and named this furniture style as modern classics. This furniture style was highly recognized and praised by Italian, Spanish and American design masters. It also filled in the gap between European classics, neoclassic furniture and modern classic and Chinese style furniture.

   Our group has won such honors as “Trustworthy Quality Product” “China Famous Product” “Chinese and foreign brand-name product” which are issued by the National Ministry of Light Industry.  In July 2001, our furniture was defined as the only exclusive furniture product by Chinese Olympic Committee. In 2003, we became one of key furniture manufacturers for key projects arranged for governmental leaders, and won applauds of leaders of Chinese central government. They personally inscribed for our company: exquisite in technology, honor winner of the nation. It opens a new era for domestic furniture industry. In 2006, in cooperation with Swiss Mabetex project company, our group has Completed furniture configuration project for Spanish Palace and Kazakhstan President House, which is a breakthrough in Chinese furniture industry. In 2007, our factory has been chosen as “ One Hundred Enterprise” in Guangdong’s furniture industry. In 2009, our group has Completed furniture configuration project for Malaysian Congress and won great applauds from Malasian government when the speaker of Malaysian parliament has visited our group. In 2010, we have completed the project for Shanghai World Expo, we won the honor of “ contributing the best quality products, common founding the World Expo refulgence” for our contribution to Shanghai Expo. All these projects are showing the ability of Gold Phoenix for world high-end projects and her bright future. In 2010, it has chosen as “ leading brand” of Guangdong housing industry. In 2010, our group has selected as China Top-10 Hotel Furniture Brand by the Fourth China Furniture Industry. In April 2011, our group has provided furniture for “BRICS SUMMIT”

Free hotline :400-678-3383 Contact Tel: 86 +0755-84873688 E-mail: headquarters of jinfenghuang@sz-goldphoenix.com Group: fun Shenzhen-Shantou Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, No. 576
2012-2022 Phoenix furniture (International) Group All rights reserved GuangDong ICP No. 11028677, -1 Recruitment Online Services Member
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